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Septic Tank Pumping, Inspection, Riser/Lid Installation, and Electronic Locating Service, Valley Center, CA

Since 1983, JJ Septic & Drain has provided expert septic tank system service to our Valley Center commercial and residential clients. Our commitment to high-quality work at a fair price has earned us one of the best reputations for septic service in San Diego North County. We are a family-owned and operated small business, with owners who take great pride in their work. With thousands of repeat and referral clients, our company remains committed to providing individualized septic service and maintaining our Gold Shield award on Angie's List.

Learn more about the Valley Center septic maintenance and inspection services we provide:

  • Septic tank pumping and cleaning for residential and commercial properties
  • Inspection and septic certification for real estate transactions
  • Septic tank lid replacement and installation
  • Installation of septic tank risers
  • Septic tank locating

To arrange your next septic tank system appointment, contact JJ Septic & Drain today. We are licensed and insured, and serve the entire region of Northern San Diego County. Same day Valley Center septic service is usually available. We offer neighborhood and senior citizen discounts to our Valley Center clients. Phone estimates are always free. Ask us your septic and drain-related questions. Our business is a proud member of the San Diego Sewage Hauler's Association.

Valley Center's Best Value for Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning Services

JJ Septic & Drain offers the best value for septic tank pumping and cleaning services in Valley Center. Since 1983, our company has serviced over 100,000 septic tanks in the North San Diego County region. Whether it's for a week-long Valley Center municipal job requiring our largest capacity septic trucks or a first-time septic tank pumping appointment for a new Valley Center homeowner, JJ Septic & Drain always provides expert service at a reasonable rate.

Septic Tank Cleaning and Pumping Services for Valley Center Commercial Businesses

With every Valley Center commercial septic tank pumping job, we promise to always be committed to the safety and health of the Valley Center community. Since our trucks range in capacity from 2,000-7,000 gallons, we can respond to small and large jobs alike. Commercial septic tank cleaning and pumping services we have performed include responding to sewage-related municipal emergencies, pumping out flood water, cleaning catch basins, and removing sludge and waste from private treatment plants, commercial septic tanks, community pools, RV parks, and jump stations. Whether it's for an as-needed or routine pumping job, call us today for expert commercial septic tank pumping and cleaning services in Valley Center.

High-Quality Septic Tank Cleaning and Pumping Services for Valley Center Residents

Our company provides both maintenance and as-needed septic tank pumping and cleaning services for our Valley Center residential clients. Unlike many of our competitors, we make sure to thoroughly pump and clean your entire septic tank, removing both solids and liquids. Our expert then performs a free visual inspection to ensure your septic tank is working properly. Your tank is examined for breaks, leaks, broken lids, and decay, and you will be alerted to any problems. Always talk to our expert about septic tank best practices. We are happy to help. Our goal is to help Valley Center homeowners maximize the use of their septic tank by resolving problems before they turn into costly complications that require major repairs and/or septic tank replacement.

Septic Tank Inspection and Certification for Valley Center Real Estate Transactions

If your Valley Center home or business is hooked up to a septic tank system and you are selling your property, call JJ Septic & Drain today to schedule your required septic certification appointment. Generally required in real estate transactions, a septic certification is issued after our inspector examines your septic system and determines that it meets established standards. The septic certification process consists of a series of tests (performing a water simulation, walking the property, checking tank levels), a septic tank pumping, and an inspection of the tank, lid, and contents. The customer must be on-site while the inspection is performed. Once completed, our inspector will issue the certification on the spot. Contact us to schedule an appointment. We are often able to accommodate same day Valley Center septic certification requests.

On-the-Spot Septic Tank Lid Replacement for Valley Center Residents

JJ Septic & Drain carries the largest selection of septic tank lids in North San Diego County, and our experts are usually able to replace and install a new lid on the spot. We carry fiberglass and plastic septic tank lids, and our drivers usually replace 8-10 lids per week. Having a stable and in-tact septic tank lid is crucial. Broken and decayed lids can destabilize the ground above it, creating a safety hazard. They can also lessen your septic tank's capacity by allowing dirt and debris to fall into the tank. We always alert our Valley Center clients when we discover a broken or decayed lid. In most cases, a new septic tank lid can be immediately installed.

Septic Tank Riser Installation Services in Valley Center

We expertly install all Valley Center septic tank risers to code. Risers allow you to more easily access your septic tank by bringing your septic tank lid up to or close to the surface. Now required by California law, septic tank risers are also cost-effective, beneficial, and convenient. They save you labor and time (no more digging several feet into the ground, and no more walking the property to determine your tank's exact location). Furthermore, risers can be installed above-ground or several inches below ground, depending on your preferences. Our recommendation is that septic tank owners in Valley Center install septic tank risers that are made of PVC, which is lightweight, strong, and waterproof. Call us today to schedule your septic riser installation appointment. We are often able to offer same day service in Valley Center.

Valley Center Electronic Septic Tank Location Services

For Valley Center residents who are having trouble locating their septic tank, schedule an appointment to find your tank today. Our experts will walk your property using our electronic tank locating technology to find and mark out your septic tank lid's location. We have a 100% success rate, and have expertly located septic tanks for customers in Valley Center and the greater San Diego North County area. After we have located and marked out your septic tank, we are happy to provide additional septic tank pumping, cleaning, inspection, or riser installation services. Our staff is also available to discuss with you septic tank best practices and how to maintain and care for your septic tank system.

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We have had this company pump our tank for a number of years and have never had any problems with them. The price has almost doubled since the last time our tank was pumped. We were told this was due to increasing fees and they were very apologetic about it. They are usually on time unless they are held up by an earlier client who doesn't have their tank ready for pumping. The actual pumping if your tank is uncovered and ready is very fast. They send us reminders and call when it is time for pumping.

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