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Over 30 Years of Expert Septic Tank Service in Pauma Valley

JJ Septic & Drain is dedicated to providing Pauma Valley septic tank owners with expert service at a reasonable rate. With over thirty years of experience and one of the best reputations for septic service in San Diego North County, consider us your first stop for resolving any septic system problem. Our phone estimates are always free. When you call, we'll work with you over the phone to diagnose and troubleshoot the issue. (Where is the water backed up? What color has it turned?) Same day septic service is usually available for our Pauma Valley clients. Our main service is septic tank pumping and cleaning for residential, commercial, and municipal septic tanks. We also provide septic certifications for Pauma Valley real estate transactions, as well as septic tank lid replacement, riser installation, and septic tank location services.

Commercial and Municipal Septic Services in Pauma Valley

Our company has the trucks and expertise to handle all kinds of commercial and municipal septic service jobs in Pauma Valley. Since our septic trucks range in capacity from 2,000-7,000 gallons, we can perform more jobs and transport greater volume. Our municipal and commercial septic service work has included sewage pumping for private treatment plants, removing non-hazardous waste from ponds and pools, transporting truckloads of bacteria for city treatment plants, providing bypasses during construction projects, and emptying catch basins beneath landfills. We respond to city emergencies (flooding, ripped sewer lines) and perform both as-needed and regularly scheduled septic service jobs. JJ Septic & Drain is known for our commitment; we work until the job is complete. Our business is licensed and insured, and we are a proud member of the San Diego County Sewage Hauler's Association. Contact us today for your Pauma Valley commercial and municipal septic service needs.

Residential Septic Services in Pauma Valley

For Pauma Valley residential septic tank owners, we provide high-quality septic tank pumping, cleaning, inspection, certification, location, and lid and riser installation services. Our ideal clients are Pauma Valley homeowners who take care of their septic tank system and believe in tank maintenance. Regular septic tank pumping and inspections are the best and most cost-effective way to keep your tank working properly. Furthermore, proper maintenance will ensure that health and safety issues are avoided. Call us today to schedule your next septic service appointment. We provide reduced rates for Pauma Valley neighbors who schedule their septic tank pumping appointments at the same time, thus saving us gas mileage. We also provide a $20 off discount for Pauma Valley seniors.

Septic Certification and Inspection Services for Pauma Valley Real Estate Transactions

A septic certification provides documentation that a specific septic system has been inspected and found to meet established standards. If you are selling your Pauma Valley home or business and the property is connected to a septic tank system, you are required to have your tank inspected and certified according to California law. Call us to schedule a septic certification appointment today. We work with homeowners, real estate agents, and businesses. The client is required to be on-site while the inspection is performed to answer questions and receive the certification (which is issued on the spot). The inspection process includes pumping out the septic tank, performing a visual inspection, checking the drain field, and performing a water test. We perform septic certification and inspection services for real estate sales in Pauma Valley and the North San Diego County area.

Septic Tank Pumping Services in Pauma Valley

Regular septic tank pumping is essential for a properly working and long-lasting septic tank system. At JJ Septic & Drain, we generally recommend that our Pauma Valley customers have their septic tank pumped and cleaned every two years. However, more frequent septic tank pumping may be required depending on how many people are in your household, the amount of waste generated, and the size and type of your septic tank. Maintaining your septic tank through regular pumping and inspection will save you money in the long run and help ensure the safety and health of your family. When we pump your tank, we always empty both compartments and perform a complimentary visual inspection to ensure that your septic tank system is in good working order. Our expert will also inform you of issues that may contribute to a failing or poorly working system (grease, toxic waste, household cleaners). Schedule your next septic tank pumping service appointment with us today. Same day service is often available for our Pauma Valley customers.

Additional Septic Services for Pauma Valley Septic Tank Owners:

In our over three decades of business, we have serviced over 100,000 septic tanks in North San Diego County. We perform approximately 120 septic service jobs per month for our residential, commercial, and municipal clients. In addition to our primary service of septic tank pumping and cleaning, we also perform the following septic services for Pauma Valley septic tank owners:

Lid Installation for Pauma Valley Septic Tanks

Septic tank lids act as the barrier between your septic tank and the outside environment. Therefore, having a solid and in-tact lid is crucial for proper septic tank performance. JJ Septic & Drain carries the largest selection of septic tank lids in northern San Diego. We are usually able to perform same day lid replacement and installation for your Pauma Valley septic tank. Our trucks carry septic tank lids made of fiberglass and plastic. If you think you need to replace your septic tank lid, give us a call today.

Riser Installation for Septic Tanks in Pauma Valley, California

Septic tank risers allow you to more easily locate, inspect, and pump your septic tank. That's why we recommend riser installation for all Pauma Valley septic tanks. By installing septic tank risers, you no longer have to expend hard labor digging several feet into the ground to access your septic tank. The tank will be immediately accessible, with the lids installed above-ground or a few inches below ground. Furthermore, modern day risers made of PVC are lightweight, waterproof, and strong. Septic tank riser installation is highly recommended for all Pauma Valley septic tank owners because it will make it much easier to monitor your septic tank and ensure that it is operating correctly.

Septic Tank Location Services in Pauma Valley

For expert septic tank location services in Pauma Valley, call JJ Septic & Drain today. There has never been a septic tank that we couldn't find. We are able to precisely locate your septic tank using our electronic tank locating technology. Our expert will mark out the lids so that you can dig out your tank (to avoid this issue, consider installing septic tank risers). Once located, we recommend scheduling regular septic tank pumping and inspection appointments. Always ask our experts your questions about septic tank maintenance and care. We cultivate long-term relationships with our customers, and want to help all Pauma Valley septic tank owners maximize the life and use of their septic tank.

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We have had this company pump our tank for a number of years and have never had any problems with them. The price has almost doubled since the last time our tank was pumped. We were told this was due to increasing fees and they were very apologetic about it. They are usually on time unless they are held up by an earlier client who doesn't have their tank ready for pumping. The actual pumping if your tank is uncovered and ready is very fast. They send us reminders and call when it is time for pumping.

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