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JJ Septic & Drain is Rancho Santa Fe's best choice for exceptional septic tank system service. Whether it's for a regular septic tank pumping and inspection job, or if it's to determine the cause of your backed up drain or overflowing yard, we are here to help you with your septic tank needs. JJ Septic & Drain has been in business since 1983, and we have earned one of the best septic service reputations in San Diego North County. Our phone estimates are always free, and we provide high-quality service at a cost-effective price. We serve both Rancho Santa Fe residential and commercial septic tank owners, and provide the following services: septic tank pumping and cleaning, septic inspection and certification, installation of risers and lids, and electronic tank locating services.

Providing Residential Septic Tank System Services in Rancho Santa Fe

Our company highly recommends that Rancho Santa Fe homeowners have their septic tanks regularly pumped and inspected, typically once every two years. Regularly inspecting and cleaning your septic tank will ensure that it performs optimally and for its maximum life. For high-quality residential septic tank system services at reasonable rates, call JJ Septic & Drain today. We provide a $20 discount for Rancho Santa Fe seniors and a gas mileage savings discount for Rancho Santa Fe neighbors who schedule their septic tank pumping appointments at the same time. Rancho Santa Fe homeowners who believe in septic tank maintenance and care are our ideal clients. Scheduling regular septic tank pumping and inspection appointments will save you money in the long run (by catching problems early and fixing them before they become overly complicated and costly), and help to ensure the safety and health of your family and community. With over thirty years of experience in the septic service industry, our experts are always able to answer your questions and provide for your residential septic tank system service needs.

Meeting Rancho Santa Fe's Commercial and Municipal Septic Service Needs

At JJ Septic & Drain, we have the knowledge and equipment to handle Rancho Santa Fe's commercial and municipal septic service needs. We have over 30 years of experience in the septic industry, and our commercial and municipal jobs have included sewage pumping for private treatment plants, transporting truckloads of bacteria, pumping ponds and pools, emptying catch basins, and responding to ripped sewer line and flooding-related emergencies. JJ Septic & Drain owns some of the largest septic trucks in San Diego North County. Our largest truck has a 7,000 gallon capacity, and this allows us to transport greater volume and perform more jobs. A proud member of the San Diego County Sewage Hauler's Association, we have serviced over 100,000 septic tanks in the North San Diego County area. Our business is licensed and insured. Call us to schedule your next septic service appointment in Rancho Santa Fe today.

Septic Certification - For Septic Tank Owners Who are Selling their Rancho Santa Fe Home or Business

If you are selling a residential or commercial property that is connected to a septic tank system, you are required to have your septic tank inspected and certified according to California law. For the inspection, our expert will drive out to your Rancho Santa Fe property to inspect the septic tank, its contents, the drain field, and to perform a water test. The customer is required to be at the property to answer questions and receive the septic certification once the inspection is complete. JJ Septic & Drain performs septic certifications for Rancho Santa Fe property owners, and same day appointments are often available. Call us to schedule a septic certification appointment today.

For Rancho Santa Fe Septic Tank Owners - Tank Pumping and Cleaning with Complimentary Inspection

For Rancho Santa Fe septic tank owners, call JJ Septic & Drain today to schedule a thorough septic tank pumping and cleaning appointment with complimentary tank inspection. Our experts always clean and pump your entire septic tank, removing all solids and liquids from all compartments. We then perform a free visual inspection. Our expert will examine your tank for structural soundness, decay, breaks, and leaks. If there are issues that may be causing your tank to perform poorly (e.g., flushing grease or improper things down the drain), our expert will inform you. We generally recommend that owners have their Rancho Santa Fe septic tanks pumped and inspected every two years. But this ultimately depends on the size and type of your septic tank, how many people use your septic tank, and the amount of waste that is generated. Always talk to our experts about your individual septic tank needs. We're here to help you maximize the use and life or your septic tank. To schedule your next septic tank pumping (with complimentary inspection) appointment, call us today.

Additional Septic Tank System Services for Our Rancho Santa Fe Clients:

JJ Septic & Drain has serviced over 100,000 septic tanks throughout the entire North San Diego County area, including in Rancho Santa Fe, for over 30 years. Additional septic tank system services we perform for our Rancho Santa Fe clients are septic tank riser installation, septic tank lid replacement, and electronic tank location services.

For Rancho Santa Fe Septic Tanks - Installing New Risers to Code

At JJ Septic & Drain, our experts always install your new septic tank risers to code. Highly recommended for their cost-effectiveness and the ease of access they provide to your septic tank, modern day risers made of PVC are also waterproof, lightweight, and strong. Riser lids can be installed above-ground or several inches below ground, depending on your preference, and we'll cut down and install new risers to fit your individual septic tank. Septic tank risers are ultimately all about convenience. No more digging several feet into the ground to clean or inspect your tank. No more need to remember exactly where on your Rancho Santa Fe property your septic tank is located. They are a long-term investment that will save Rancho Santa Fe septic tank owners money, labor, and time.

Replacing Broken or Crumbling Septic Tank Lids

Old septic tank lids made of concrete need to be replaced as they crumble and break over time. A sturdy septic tank lid is crucial. The lid is what separates your septic tank from the outside environment. Having a properly sealed septic tank is crucial to ensuring maximum tank efficiency, as well as to ensure stable ground. At JJ Septic & Drain, our trucks are fully stocked with the largest selection of septic tank lids in San Diego North County. We carry lids made of plastic and fiberglass, and our experts can typically replace and install a new septic tank lid on-the-spot.

Tank Location Services for Your Rancho Santa Fe Septic Tank

To locate your Rancho Santa Fe septic tank, call JJ Septic & Drain today. Using our electronic tank locating technology, we are able to precisely identify where your septic tank is located. With a 100% success rate, there has never been a septic tank that we couldn't find. Our expert will mark out the lids so that you can dig out your tank (avoid this issue by installing septic tank risers). Once located, we recommend scheduling regular septic tank pumping and inspection appointments. Always ask us your questions about septic tank maintenance and care! At JJ Septic & Drain, we cultivate long-term relationships with our customers. Our goal is to help all Rancho Santa Fe septic tank owners maximize the life and use of their septic tank.

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Had my septic tank pumped . .

They called on the day of the appointment asking if they could move the appointment time up, which was a pleasant, they arrived early and pumped the tank..they did a visual tank inspection, providing a fairly detailed explanation of what they saw...they were respectful of plants/landscaping, keeping the septic area very neat & clean with no plant damage from hoses, etc.

Dan was friendly, courteous and knowledgeable...I will definitely use JJ Septic again, and highly recommend them to you.

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