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What can you say the pull-up get out the hoses and get busy... super fast and the front office staff is super nice!

Jeff H., Fallbrook, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

I've used JJ for over a decade. They've always been courteous and painless services.

They even had records from services visits from the previous owner.

Curt J., Vista, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

Was there on time, service was as expected, cheaper than some and had a coupon! Will use again.

Cheryl Behles Via Google Review

These guys are awesome. Fair price, super friendly, and accommodating. They send you a reminder post card when its time to pump again (2-3 years depending on number of people in the house).

My septic tank is in a difficult spot but it was no problem. They gave me some tips on finding and digging up the lids which saved me some money. There is a charge if they have to spend more than superficial amount of time getting to your septic tank lid.

Some businesses feel like they are squeezing you for every penny but not JJ Septic & Drain Service. If you have a septic tank use them!

Alan B., Escondido, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

These guys were great. Easy to schedule with and good service even when I made everything a little harder by being a rookie. What I thought were my lids were not and so when my guy showed up I could tell he wasn't thrilled that they were still in the way. But he realized I just didnt understand and helped me move these giant concrete covers to get to the lids. He also took the time to tell me what was going on as he was doing everything and wasn't bothered that I asked a lot of questions. I appreciated that a lot and have already recommended them to my neighbors and parents.

Kyle L., Vista, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

I've heard about them through a complete stranger. We called and the lady who answered was so patient! They could have easily booked an appointment and charged us whatever but they were honest! She talked about what we should look at and for. How to prep for the appointment and even answered way too many questions we had. When we did book them.... they were fast and got it done without affecting us at all. Thank you for watching out for the customers!

Ligia E., Boca Raton, FL Via Yelp Testimonial

We were in escrow on a home with septic and have never lived with septic before so, there were a lot of questions. Dan came out and did the inspection, he was very knowledgeable and patient with our questions. He was courteous and did an excellent job.

We will be using JJ Septic (and asking for Dan) from now on!

Kathleen R., Orange County, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

Our septic tank needed to be pumped so I uncovered the lids and looked inside. To my surprise the first tank had a blanket of baby wipes about 6"-9" thick. We don't use baby wipes. Our septic had been pumped at the time of escrow by Abbott septic service, but apparently they didn't bother to deal with the baby wipes. I called JJ septic and by chance the owner/president answered and I explained the problem. He said they could take care of it and clean them out. The guy that arrived was Dan and he looked at it and said he'd do his best, not exactly what I was told but I went ahead. He got it completely clean/empty! All the baby wipes gone and I'm a happy camper!!!!!

Wayne Short Via Google Review

We bought a house and were told by the seller that it was on city sewer but SURPRISE we're on septic. And the when the sewer gasses started up, they were horrible. JJ Septic came out to give the tank a pump and educate us on how to care for it. They also gave us a referral for a tank replacement/repair contractor. Thanks for making a crappy situation (pun intended) a lot better!

Tanja F., Vista, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

On time, efficient and professional. Joey explained everything that I wanted to know about condition of septic system.

Russ H., Solana Beach, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

We had a drain issue when the rains hit this year & JJ Septic was able to get out right away and fix the issue. They were prompt, efficient & very good to deal with. Their customer service was excellent. I would highly recommend the company.

Judith B., San Marcos, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

We're buying a house with septic and having never been on septic before, we had lots of questions and they had lots of answers! Office staff is very responsive (we called after hours and they called back promptly the next morning!) and informative for us septic newbies. Five stars for JJ Septic

Molly W., Carlsbad, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

Only rating one star because the management is awful. The drivers are great though! (Thanks Dan and Joey!)

A note to Scott: treat your employees with respect and don't talk down to them like you're better than the rest of the world. They'll thrive if you treat them like humans.

Amanda Lee Yurkiw Via Facebook

These guys were awesome. They had records from previous visits with former owners to help ensure we were able to find all of our tanks. They came out multiple times and were always helpful. We will definitely call on them again when we have septic needs.

Amy S., San Diego, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

The new office manager at JJs is almost as awesome as the last one! We've been using JJ's for many many years to pump our tank and they've been awesome every single time!

Jackie V., Escondido, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

I'd rather use JJ Septic & Drain Service, Inc. than any one else. I feel they are just great. They do a very good job and care for everything they do. Try them you will love them. DJB

Dolores J. Boehmer Via Facebook

Septic tank pumping, Digging, New lid

This was really smooth, called them first thing in the morning as our tank was already overflowing or that I though initially, which really was not the case after all. Anyways they showed up the same morning which was way sooner than I expected. The previous owner had used JJ Septic before so I let them do the digging as they already knew exactly where the tank and the lids were located. I decided that I'll pay the extra $100 for digging this time, which was a good decision as it was really hot day. ;-) Now that I know the location and have marked both lids I can do (or make my sons do) the digging the next time and save that $100. Joey who was the driver was really nice guy, I had ton of questions about septic system as this is the first home we have with one but he was able to answer all my questions like how long the concrete tanks last, how often they should be pumped, what other tank types are available and how much it might cost if I need to install a new tank in near future. After Joey emptied the tank he figured out that the pipe leading to the tank which has a 90 degree angle was actually blocked so we (I was helping with the water hose) cleared that out. Also one of the lids was in pretty bad shape so that got replaced too which was additional $75. After all this Joey filled up the holes he dug earlier and was on his way about hour or so later when he came in. I must say that I was very happy with the service and will call them again when it's time to pump the tank again.

Aki R. Escondido, Ca

Septic tank pumped

When I made the initial call to the company, they picked up. Receptionist was cheerful and kind and more than helpful with identifying the problem, offering information on how to prepare for the service appointment, i.e., locating the two septic tank lids and digging around them to avoid having them do it at an extra cost. Even found out that the company had been to my house over 11 years ago before I purchased the property, and gave me information about the tank that I did not know. Very helpful!

When service man arrived, he was professional and informative. Offered referrals to companies we might need in the future for septic issues JJ Septic did not offer.

Overall I would use this company again and easily recommend them to anyone with septic pumping needs.

Lovida G. Del Mar, Ca

They drained our septic tank.

We were very happy with their service. They came right on time and were very friendly work with. He explained the process to me, which was nice. I would feel comfortable hiring them again and recommending them.

Joseph L. Encinitas, Ca

Had my septic tank pumped . .

They called on the day of the appointment asking if they could move the appointment time up, which was a pleasant, they arrived early and pumped the tank..they did a visual tank inspection, providing a fairly detailed explanation of what they saw...they were respectful of plants/landscaping, keeping the septic area very neat & clean with no plant damage from hoses, etc.

Dan was friendly, courteous and knowledgeable...I will definitely use JJ Septic again, and highly recommend them to you.

Eric W. Escondido, Ca

Pumped the septic tank and performed an inspection for escrow.

Job went great. Scott was professional, knowledgeable, and timely.

Ed R. Encinitas, Ca

They clean my septic tank and I have been using their service for around 20 years.

They always come on time. They are very responsive and answer promptly whenever I call them on an emergency basis. Their pricing is reasonable. They are professional and the quality of their service is very good. I have been satisfied with their service.

Matt K. Poway, Ca

JJ Septic was recommended by McKenna Construction who appear to do extensive septic tank installation in our area (Solana Beach). I tried to contact 2 other highly recommended septic cleaning services on Angie's List. Unfortunately, their tankers were too large (2500 gal+) to reach our septic tank at the top of a steep driveway. So, I contacted McKenna and they referred me to JJ Septic who appears to do a lot of cleaning for their customers. JJ Septic contact was professional and their truck arrived on time with extra hose, just in case. Unlike the other references, it was a small truck (1200 gal) that was able to turn around at the top of the driveway. The extra hose was unnecessary and JJ was able to do the job with little difficulty.

The job was completed in under an hour despite the steep hillside to reach the tank. Recommend you tell them any special conditions you may have. Overall, I was apprehensive that this job could not be done but, was relieved when JJ was able to do it. Their charge was slightly higher ($415) than other quotes ($405) but, it was well worth it. Also, their office contact lady appeared more familiar with the requirements of this unenviable job than any other company's contact (she read a list of special service prices extra long hose cost, water clean out of tank with excessive solids). Based on my experience, I would give JJ a call if you have any special circumstances.

Peggy E. Vista, Ca

Pumped the septic tank.

We have had this company pump our tank for a number of years and have never had any problems with them. The price has almost doubled since the last time our tank was pumped. We were told this was due to increasing fees and they were very apologetic about it. They are usually on time unless they are held up by an earlier client who doesn't have their tank ready for pumping. The actual pumping if your tank is uncovered and ready is very fast. They send us reminders and call when it is time for pumping.

Ian H. Solana Beach, Ca

Highly Recommended by Angie's List

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