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What is a septic tank?

A septic tank is an on-site personal sewage system. It consists of a tank with two compartments (which could be made out of concrete, plastic or fiberglass), as well as a drain field that consists of leach lines or a seepage pit.

What do you charge to pump my septic tank?

It depends on what city you are located in. Please call (760) 724-8511 for pricing.

How often am I supposed to pump my septic tank?

It is recommended that you pump your septic tank every two years when there are 4 or less people living in your home. You should pump more often if you have more than 4 people living in your home.

Why should I pump my septic tank?

Your septic tank is a holding tank. It traps the solids and lets the water pass through. Solids accumulate over a period of time and need to be removed. You should never let your tank have more than 25-30% solids at any time. If you wait too many years between pumps, you can have solids pass into your drainage system. This can cause your leach fields to plug up, puddle up in your yard, or back up into your home.

What if I don't know where my septic tank is located? How do I find it?

We can come out to your property and electronically locate your septic tank for you. We will let you know where and how far under the surface your tank is. Please call for pricing.

What do the lids to the septic tank look like?

There are typically 2 lids on the top of each tank. The lids can be made of concrete, plastic or fiberglass, and be either round or square depending on what brand of septic tank you have. The lids are most commonly 2 feet in diameter and 5 feet apart from center to center. Sometimes there can be 3 lids to a tank or the lids can be farther apart than 5 feet depending on the age or brand of the tank.

What do I need to do when selling my house?

When selling or refinancing your home, you most likely will need a Certificate of Inspection. For a proper inspection, we do need to pump your septic tank at the same time.

How far under the surface are my lids?

Septic tank lids are typically 1-3 feet below the surface, depending on the layout of your property and location of the tank. The lids need to be exposed to gain access to the septic tank. To facilitate easier access to your tank lids, we can install risers to place them just below or on the surface.

What are risers?

Septic tank risers are 24 inch diameter pipes added to your tank to bring the lids closer to the surface (so less digging involved). They can installed a couple inches below the surface or at ground level so that you no longer have to dig up your septic tank lids in the future.

Why do I have a big wet spot in the middle of my yard?

It could be that your septic system is failing. Your leach lines may have stopped working. You would need to contact a licensed septic contractor for repairs.

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