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JJ Septic & Drain, Providing Del Mar, California with 30 Years of Expert Septic Services

JJ Septic & Drain Service, Inc. is a family-owned and -operated local business that offers Del Mar property owners exceptional septic services at cost-effective prices. We are fully licensed and insured, and a San Diego - Oceanside - Escondido - San Marcos - Carlsbad - Poway - Fallbrook. Our Del Mar services include:

  • septic tank pumping and cleaning
  • septic system inspection and certification
  • septic tank access riser installation
  • septic lid cover installation/replacement
  • electronic septic tank location

We service an average of 120 tanks a month, which totals to more than 100,000 jobs for approximately 15,000 customers over the last three decades. These tanks have ranged in size from small residential septic tanks to extremely large commercial septic tanks. We've even extended our pumping services to ponds, pools, flooded areas, treatment plants, RV parks, jump stations, and various holding tanks. With our diverse fleet of septic trucks (ranging in capacity from 2,000 gallons to 7,000 gallons), we are able to handle Del Mar jobs of all sizes, efficiently and very cost effectively.

As a testament to quality work and fair prices, we continue to receive over 50% of our business from returning clients and referrals. Moreover, we have been awarded the Gold Shield from Angie's List for our outstanding service--a distinction given to less than 5% of the companies on Angie's List. When asked why they prefer JJ Septic & Drain, our clients from Del Mar and beyond reference our proactive attitude, dedicated and knowledgeable technicians, and value-added services.

Whether you have a septic-related question or need a quote for one of our septic services, call JJ Septic & Drain today. We're available from 7 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday for routine services and 24 hours a day for emergency services anywhere in Del Mar. We do our best to make septic maintenance and repair services affordable and convenient, which is why we offer competitive rates, give special discounts for senior citizens and for neighbors that schedule appointments for the same time, and can often complete our pumping service without you having to be present.

Septic Cleaning & Pumping Services in Del Mar

JJ Septic & Drain is proud to offer exceptionally thorough and cost-effective septic cleaning and pumping services for those who live in and around the Del Mar area. When it comes to septic maintenance, regular pumping is one of the best things you can do for your septic system. Regular pumping (usually once every two years) helps your septic tank system run efficiently and smoothly, ensures that it doesn't become overworked, which can lead to major problems and costly repairs, and makes it possible for your system to last for decades. Over the last 30 years, we've performed tens of thousands of pumping jobs for a wide range of tanks, including residential and commercial tanks, as well as holding tanks, treatment plants, catch basins, pools, ponds, and RV parks. Call today to schedule your septic pumping service in Del Mar; we provide free estimates and special discounts for neighbors that schedule their pumping service for the same day and senior citizens.

Septic Tank Lid/Cover Replacement Service in Del Mar

JJ Septic & Drain is the best choice among Del Mar area septic companies when you need a new lid cover for a septic tank. Over the last 30 years, we've averaged nearly 8 to 10 lid replacements per week. Our level of experience means that we have accrued the expertise necessary to accurately identify when a lid needs to be replaced and the skill to select and install the right lid for each tank. We maintain one of the largest lid selections in San Diego County, which features lids of all sizes and types, including plastic and fiberglass. Our experts will advise you on which lid would be best for your system as well as your budget. They can also tell you if your damaged lid is indicative of a larger issue. Call today for Del Mar's premier septic tank lid replacement service.

Septic Tank System Inspections in Del Mar

In addition to our free visual inspections, JJ Septic & Drain's septic system experts also perform official septic tank inspections and certifications. These inspections meet the highest of expectations and are frequently used by Del Mar realtors, property owners, prospective buyers and sellers, investment companies, and engineers. Our inspections include an assessment of the tank's level; a 20-minute water test to check for backups; pumping and cleaning; a check for any issues inside or outside of the tank; and a health and safety check of the tank and all leak lines. All observations are noted in a detailed inspection worksheet that will provided to you upon completion of the visit. Call today to schedule your Del Mar septic tank inspection. We're available 24 hours a day, but generally schedule inspections during our normal operating hours of 7 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

Septic System Riser Installation in Del Mar

If you need to have a riser installed for your septic tank in order to make accessing your septic system easier or to comply with California's Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS) policy, call JJ Septic & Drain. We can install a riser a few inches above or below the ground, or have it be level with the ground. Our Del Mar riser installation service is done completely to code and is priced fairly for the quality of service we provide. Our technicians bring years of experience working on all types of septic systems, which ensures that we'll identify and notify you of any larger problems with your system before proceeding. Additionally, you can trust that our technicians will install your riser using the industry's best techniques. Call today for a free quote.

Electronic Septic System Locating Service in Del Mar

If you need to locate your Del Mar septic tank, JJ Septic & Drain offers electronic septic tank location service. With electronic locating, we've never had a tank we couldn't find. We will not only locate the tank's lid, but also determine the entire layout of your septic system. Additionally, we can carefully dig it out with a shovel for an additional fee, or show you where to dig, if you wish to also have your tank pumped. If your tank hasn't been accessed in years, having your system pumped, cleaned, and inspected is highly recommended. With JJ Septic & Drain, a free visual inspection is included with every pumping service, but we also can provide official inspections and certifications. Contact us today to tell us about your septic system needs. We can schedule your septic tank location service in Del Mar anytime of day or night.

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When I made the initial call to the company, they picked up. Receptionist was cheerful and kind and more than helpful with identifying the problem, offering information on how to prepare for the service appointment, i.e., locating the two septic tank lids and digging around them to avoid having them do it at an extra cost. Even found out that the company had been to my house over 11 years ago before I purchased the property, and gave me information about the tank that I did not know. Very helpful!

Lovida G. Del Mar, Ca

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